If you are a homeowner, you know that healthy trees are an important part of your property. They beautify and enhance its value and provide enjoyment to your family and friends. In many ways, a growing tree is an investment in the future.

But – to be healthy and to flourish – trees need maintenance and nourishment. And sometimes, when they’re attacked by insects or disease, they need special care. That’s when the tree experts at Hendricksen Tree Care can help you.

Hendricksen Tree Care is a tree maintenance company that provides services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago’s North and Northwest suburbs. Our approach is a holistic one. We strive to maintain and preserve trees. We have the skills and know how to protect trees from disease and insects and – for everyone on a budget – we offer our services at cost-efficient rates.


  • Once-a-year tree treatment
    With our expert tree treatment in the spring, we can provide efficient, safe, and economic tree maintenance that will nourish and protect your trees throughout the year.
  • Safe, organic tree fertilization
    Hendricksen Tree Care uses organic fertilizer injected by syringe into the soil around the tree. We never over-spray and our crews are insured.
  • Tree disease and insect control
    We can protect your trees from insects, including the Japanese beetle and emerald ash borer.
  • Expert tree pruning
    Don’t hire just anybody to prune trees. Hire experts who maintain your tree instead of destroying it with improper pruning.
  • Storm tree service
    We clean up what storms leave behind and help save damaged trees. We are experts in tree pruning.


  • Our experienced, trained professionals can nurse your sick trees back to health.
  • Our once-a-year maintenance helps your trees stay healthy and beautiful for the future.
  • Most tree care treatments take less than one hour per tree.
  • We help watch the bottom line with you. We know you’re on a budget and we respect that.

So if you’re concerned about your trees, call the team committed to preserving them:
Call Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 305-5524