Beautiful, healthy trees can bring any environment to life.  This is especially true for commercial properties that have plenty of green space.  A well-designed landscape that features trees and shrubs will not only improve the appearance of your commercial property, but also help create a better impression of your business.  A customer or potential business partner may get a positive impression when walking the tree lined sidewalk to the main entrance of your office.  Of course, like any living thing, the trees and shrubs on your commercial property require a certain level of care not just to survive, but to flourish.

Trees and shrubs are rather resilient, but they still need the proper maintenance and nourishment to stay healthy and grow to their full potential.  Trees that do not get enough sunlight, water, or fertilization may experience stunted growth and are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of insects or disease.  A range of diseases caused by bacteria or a fungus can cause damage to the leaves and branches, drastically affecting the appearance and health of the tree.  Insects can also do serious harm to a tree that may require removal.  Having your trees cared for and maintained by professional arborists will help prevent diseases and insect infestations so that they can live long, healthy lives.

Commercial Abortist Tree Care Services in Chicago, Illinois

Commercial Tree Care & Arborist Services in Chicagoland, IL by RW Hendricksen Tree Care

Hendricksen Tree Care is a trusted tree care service provider that offers complete commercial tree care and maintenance services for commercial properties in the north and northwest Chicago, IL suburbs including Arlington Heights, Barrington, Mount Prospect, Lake Zurich, and Wilmette, IL among others.  We take a holistic tree care approach in which we will provide services to maintain and preserve the health of your trees and respond to any potential problems regarding droughts, insects, or disease.  Our arborists have been certified by the ISA and they are trained to use safe and effective tree care techniques to ensure the health of trees and shrubs on commercial properties.

Hendricksen Tree Care can provide commercial tree services for the following:

  • Corporate centers
  • Apartment complexes
  • Condominium associations
  • Municipal grounds
  • Home Owners Associations

What can Hendricksen Tree Care do for your commercial property?

Commercial Tree Care Maintenance in Illinois

Trees can make already impressive state & commercial buildings in Illinois stand out even more, but need proper tree care maintenance to stay healthy

The commercial tree care services that we provide may include the following:

  • Once a year tree treatment: We provide tree treatments early in the spring to make sure your trees get enough nourishment to stay strong and healthy through the growing season.
  • Organic tree fertilization: We will fertilize your trees as needed with applications of safe, organic fertilizers. Our arborists can fertilize with soil injection in which the fertilizer is injected into the soil near the root system, or direct injection in which the fertilizer is sent straight to the vascular system of the tree.  We will always use slow release granular fertilizer, never sprays.
  • Tree disease and insect control: We will provide preventative treatments against insects and disease and our arborists will also recognize the early signs of both issues. If we notice a problem caused by a disease or insects, we will assess the situation and come up with an effective treatment plan.  You must contact our arborists right away if you suspect a problem with your trees for a diagnosis.
  • Tree pruning: Tree pruning needs to be done at least once each year for the health of the tree. Effective pruning removes dead, damaged, and diseased branches to improve the appearance and structure of the tree and protect its health.  It is important to have our trained arborists handle tree pruning because improper pruning can cause harm to a tree.
  • Storm damage tree service: Wind, snow, hail, and lightning can cause significant damage to your trees. We will clean up the debris caused by the storm and save your trees from further damage.
  • Treatment for urban stress: Urban environments such as street sides, sidewalks, parkways, and container planters are stressful for trees. Our arborists can work with you to work out solutions for the trees on your commercial property and alleviate urban stress.
  • Tree and stump removal: Our arborists will always work to save damaged or diseased trees, but we also know when it is best to have a tree removed. If a tree on your commercial property has become severely damaged by a storm, disease, or insect infestation, our arborists will safely remove it and its stump.  We have the equipment and training to safely fell trees in difficult spots near buildings and powerlines.
  • Ongoing budget care: We offer an ongoing maintenance program to help businesses maintain their trees to prevent problems from malnourishment, insects, or disease. We will ensure that your trees get the fertilization, pruning, and other maintenance when they need it and we will work with your company to stay within your budget for tree care.

Commercial Tree Care Services for the Chicago, IL Area

Urban Commercial Tree Care Planting and Pruning Fertilization in Illinois

RW Hendricksen offers tree care services for commercial buildings throughout Illinois

Maintaining an impressive landscape on your commercial property can lead to a more favorable impression for your business.  If you own residential property, beautiful healthy trees can make living in the apartment complex or condominium much more appealing.  We understand that those who own commercial property do not have the time to provide the trees and shrubs with adequate care.  With our commercial tree care services, we can work with you to determine a care plan and ensure that your trees are never overdue for pruning or fertilization.  The arborists of Hendricksen Tree Care are happy to help keep commercial landscapes beautiful throughout the Chicago area.

If you are interested in commercial tree care services from our professional arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care, contact us today at (847) 348-8302 or submit an online form.  We provide commercial tree care in the north and northwest Chicago suburbs.


Review by Steven Curl

Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again.”

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Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”Great tree trimming company very professional. Upfront with your costs. Considerate of your property.”

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