For more than 50 years and counting, Hendricksen Tree Care has been trusted for our exceptional tree care services in Highland Park, IL and the nearby northern Chicago suburbs. We provide thorough tree care and maintenance services to treat and diagnose every type of tree on both commercial and residential properties. With training and certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), our professional arborists are prepared to help defend your trees from diseases and insects. We also provide vital maintenance work on your trees, such as tree trimming and fertilization.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we are devoted to helping your trees maintain their strength and health in order to conserve their natural beauty and to lengthen out their lives. We perform regular tree maintenance services, such as pruning and fertilization, to help keep your trees in good condition. We can also assist you in planting new trees or with removing heavily damaged or diseased trees. That said, we have expertise in diagnosing issues caused by insects or disease, and we develop a treatment plan to swiftly get your tree healthy again. We can be contacted at (847) 348-8302 for more information about our tree care services and how our professional arborists can help your trees in Highland Park, IL.

Tree Treatments for Highland Park, ILTree Treatment — Highland Park, IL

Every type of tree within the Chicago area is susceptible to diseases and insect infestations that can cause severe damage. Fungal disease, for example, may result in a range of issues including major branch and trunk damage, foliage dieback, and leaf discoloration. Insects have the ability to be just as harmful. Some insects can consume tree foliage. Other insects, like the emerald ash borer, tunnel through tree trunks and feed on the wood and nutrients, thus killing the tree from within. By providing effective tree treatments in Highland Park, IL, Hendricksen Tree Care can diagnose and treat trees harmed by disease or insects. We use our diagnosis to assist in creating a care plan that restores your tree’s health and strength. We also offer regular treatments that protect trees from disease and insects.

Tree Pruning for Highland Park, ILTree Pruning — Highland Park, IL

Trees need to be pruned every year, because they can all have broken, dead, or overgrown branches that must be removed. By removing broken or dead branches, you help your tree maintain its health. It also helps avoid branches from getting in the way of powerlines or getting close enough to your home or garage to cause damage. However, trees must be trimmed correctly. If not, pruning the wrong branches may hurt the tree. Also, depending on the tree’s size, tree pruning can be a dangerous task. Providing tree pruning services to Highland Park, IL, Hendricksen Tree Care can trim dead, broken, or overgrown branches from your trees. Our professionals are experts in their field. As such, we can ensure that the correct branches are always trimmed, improving the appearance, health, and safety of your tree.

Tree Planting Services for Highland Park, ILTree Planting — Highland Park, IL

There are many benefits to adding a new tree to your landscape or yard. New trees improve air quality, heighten the natural beauty of the space, and can provide coverage and shade from rain. Planting the right tree can even increase the value of your property. If you want to plant a new tree on your property in Highland Park, IL and need assistance with it, Hendricksen Tree Care is glad to help. We employ professional arborists who can provide thorough tree planting services to aid in choosing a fitting spot for your tree. With our services, we also guarantee your tree is correctly planted. In addition, if a tree on your property needs to be uprooted and replanted in a different spot, we can provide tree transplanting services.

Tree and Stump Removal for Highland Park, ILTree Removal — Highland Park, IL

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we are committed to preserving your trees’ health. However, we are aware that, sometimes, it’s best that a tree be removed. Disease, insect infestations, and storms are among the factors that can severely damage a tree, leaving it in unstable condition. Unstable trees serve as a potential danger, because they can collapse. As such, unstable trees need to be removed from your property right away. Our professional arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care can effectively and safely uproot troublesome trees from commercial and residential properties in Highland Park, IL. As part of our service, we guarantee removal of the tree and all of its branches and we will grind the stump down.

Tree Care Fertilization for Highland Park, ILTree Fertilization — Highland Park, IL

When they receive enough nutrients and water, trees are at their healthiest and in the best condition to combat insect infestations and diseases. But, for trees to get thorough nutrition, they need to be properly fertilized at least twice a year. Doing fertilization treatments in the spring will guarantee that your trees receive nutrients necessary to be healthy throughout the growing season. Fall fertilization treatments ready trees to endure harsh winter weather. Providing tree fertilization services in Highland Park, IL, Hendricksen Tree Care guarantees your tree will be fertilized to receive the proper nutrients. We can perform soil injection fertilization services and direct injection fertilization services based on whichever method we find will be the most beneficial to your trees.

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