For the most part, trees are a positive presence in your landscape or yard. Trees are naturally beautiful, and such beauty has the ability to better your property’s aesthetics. Additionally, trees offer shade and make for better air quality because of the oxygen they give off. If correctly cared and treated for, trees have the potential to live for years. Proper care and treatment allow trees to be more resistant to harsh weather conditions, insects, and disease that can result in damage. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely protect trees from damage. When a tree is in unstable condition and is seriously damaged, then its presence becomes hazardous.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, our professional arborists constantly conduct their work with your trees’ best interests in mind. This guarantees that your trees are properly cared for. When a tree is damaged by disease or insects, we do everything possible to restore the tree’s health. If we encounter a situation where the tree has been damaged beyond restoration, then we must remove it. We do this because trees that are unstable present a major risk for broken branches or potential collapse, which may lead to severe property damage or injuries. However, it is very dangerous to try to uproot a tree by yourself. As such, the job should be left to professionals. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree and stump removal services for Highland Park, IL. Our professional arborists will make sure the tree and its branches and stump are completely removed from your property.

When to Remove a Tree

Tree and Stump Removal for Highland Park, ILUnstable trees need to be removed immediately because of the potential risk for collapse or falling branches. If tree branches break off — or worse, if the whole tree falls over — it can severely harm nearby powerlines, vehicles, and buildings or even result in serious injury or death. If you believe one of the trees on your property is unstable, contact us right away. Our professionals will examine the tree. If we conclude that the tree is beyond saving, then we will extract it from your property.

The main signs that a tree requires removal include the following:

  • Advanced disease
  • Deep cracks in the main branch or trunk
  • Extensive damage from storms
  • Major damage from insects

Professional Tree and Stump Removal

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we employ licensed arborists, so we can guarantee any unstable and heavily damaged trees will be removed from your property in a safe manner. Our professional arborists have undergone proper training, use specialized equipment to conduct tree removal safely, and always abide by ISA guidelines. After the tree has been removed, we grind down the stump 4 to 6 inches underground, allowing you to reuse that part of your yard.

If your property contains an unstable or damaged tree, be sure to contact Hendricksen Tree Care for its removal. Our professional arborists will inspect your tree to decide whether removal is the best thing to do. If we deem removal necessary, we remove both the tree and its stump in a safe and efficient manner. We can be reached for tree and stump removal in Highland Park, IL at (847) 348-8302.

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