Hendricksen Tree Care has been trusted by residents and business owners to provide leading tree care services in Inverness, IL, and the surrounding suburbs of northern Chicago for over 50 years. Our range of tree care solutions ensures comprehensive treatment and diagnosis for every tree species on both residential and commercial properties. Our team of professional arborists, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), stands ready to shield your trees from pests and diseases. We also offer essential maintenance tasks, including tree trimming and tree fertilization programs.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, our commitment lies in nurturing your trees to help sustain their health and aesthetic charm, thereby prolonging their life. We execute routine tree maintenance like tree pruning and fertilization to keep your trees in the best shape. We can also help if you’re considering introducing new trees or need to remove a tree affected by disease or significant damage. If there is an issue with your trees, our arborists possess the skills to identify disease and pest-related problems quickly, developing targeted treatment plans to restore the health of your trees. To learn more about how our tree care services can benefit the trees at your Inverness, IL property, call us at (847) 348-8302.

Tree-Treatment-for-Inverness-ILTree Treatment — Inverness, IL

Every tree species in the Chicago area is vulnerable to disease and insect infestations that could lead to extensive damage. Fungal diseases might lead to substantial structural damage, loss of leaves, and color changes. The destructive potential of insects varies significantly — while some merely consume the leaves, others, such as the emerald ash borer, bore into the trunk and deplete vital nutrients, eventually causing the tree to die internally. Hendricksen Tree Care can detect and resolve conditions caused by pests or diseases with our tree treatment services in Inverness, IL. Our diagnosis helps us create a recovery regimen that revives your trees’ health, and we can provide consistent treatments for ongoing protection against pests and disease.

Tree-Pruning-for-Inverness-ILTree Pruning — Inverness, IL

Annual pruning is a necessity to remove weakened, deceased, or intrusive limbs. Eliminating compromised branches aids in reinforcing the tree’s overall health while preventing potential hazards from entangling with power lines or damaging nearby structures. However, it’s essential to properly prune trees to ensure their survival and growth. Improper tree pruning can harm your trees and pruning without the proper equipment can be dangerous. Hendricksen Tree Care provides skilled pruning services in Inverness, IL, ensuring that the appropriate branches are carefully selected for removal to enhance your tree’s form, wellness, and safety.

Tree Planting — Inverness, IL

The act of planting new trees on your property yields multiple rewards, from enriching air quality and augmenting the scenic beauty to offering shade and shelter from the elements. The strategic placement of a new tree can also increase property values. For those who want to plant a new tree in their landscape, Hendricksen Tree Care can help with our tree planting services in Inverness, IL. Our arborists are not only proficient in selecting the best planting site, but we also ensure the proper planting of your tree. Additionally, we can provide transplanting services if a tree requires relocation.

Tree-and-Stump-Removal-for-Niles-IL-300x225Tree Removal — Inverness, IL

While Hendricksen Tree Care’s primary objective is to conserve and promote tree health, certain situations call for tree removal. Deadly diseases, destructive pests, and severe weather can wreak havoc on a tree’s structural integrity. A compromised tree poses a real fall risk, necessitating its swift removal for safety. Our skilled arborists in Inverness, IL, provide expert tree removal for both residential and commercial landscapes. Our comprehensive tree removal service includes disposing of all branches and the grinding down of the stump, ensuring no remnants pose further risk.

Tree Fertilization Services in Inverness ILTree Fertilization – Inverness, IL

Trees prosper and are able to fight off pests and diseases when well-hydrated and nourished. To ensure trees absorb the full range of essential nutrients, they require timely fertilization, ideally twice within a year. Administering fertilizers during the spring season equips them with vital nourishment, facilitating vigorous growth during the active months. Additionally, autumn fertilizer applications fortify trees against the rigors of the winter season. At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree fertilization services for all types of trees in Inverness, IL. Our arborists are equipped to provide both soil injection fertilization and direct injection methods, depending on what will most effectively benefit your specific trees.


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Tree Care Services
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Tree Care Services
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