Hendricksen Tree Care is a professional tree care service provider that has been serving the north and northwest Chicago suburbs with tree care and maintenance services since 1964.  We not only provide care for the trees and shrubs in the Chicago suburbs, but also in the city itself as we proudly serve the neighborhoods of Chicago’s north side.  Our ISA certified arborists are properly trained and equipped to provide a range of tree care services including insect and disease treatment, pruning, fertilization, and tree removal.

The goal of our arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care is to preserve the health and appearance of your trees so that they are a beautiful presence on your property for years to come.  We can help keep your trees in good health with our tree maintenance services including pruning and fertilization, and we can also remove dangerously unstable trees and help you plan for a new tree.  If your trees are having issues with insects or a disease, our arborists will diagnose the problem and administer treatments to restore the health of your trees.  Contact Hendricksen Tree Care by calling (847) 348-8302 if you need tree care and maintenance services for your trees in North Chicago, IL.  We provide tree care throughout the northside Chicago neighborhoods including Lakeview, Jefferson Park, Wicker Park, Albany Park, Andersonville, and more.

Tree Treatments for North Chicago, ILTree Treatment – North Chicago, IL

Your trees can quickly become affected by a disease or insects which can cause serious damage and threaten the structural integrity of the tree.  Most tree diseases are caused by a fungus or bacteria and they can affect the leaves, branches or trunk of a tree.  Certain insects can also cause serious damage either by eating the leaves which can lead to defoliation, or by feeding on the wood and nutrients inside the trunk.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree treatment services to diagnose and treat trees with a disease or insect infestation in North Chicago, IL.  Our arborists will administer the right treatment based on our diagnosis to restore the health of your tree, and we can also provide preventative treatments to avoid issues with diseases or insects.

Tree Pruning for North Chicago, ILTree Pruning – North Chicago, IL

Over time, your trees will have branches that are broken, decayed, diseased, or dead, and it is beneficial for the health and appearance of the tree for these branches to be removed.  Tree trimming is an important part of tree maintenance that should be done at least once per year to rid your tree of broken or dead branches.  Pruning the branches is also necessary if they have grown over powerlines or structures such as a building, home, or garage.  It is usually best to have a professional handle the tree trimming because the job can be quite dangerous without the right equipment and improper trimming can hurt your tree.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide professional tree pruning services to trim your trees in North Chicago, IL.  Our arborists will identify which branches to remove to help shape your trees and preserve their health.

Tree Planting Services for North Chicago, ILTree Planting – North Chicago, IL

If you have the space to do it in North Chicago, planting a tree can really enhance your property.  A new tree will provide some shade and needed green space in your northside neighborhood.  However, you must carefully plan for a new tree planting, especially if there is limited space for the tree to grow.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree planting services in North Chicago, IL to help choose a good tree for the conditions and ensure it is planted in a good spot for it to thrive.  We also provide tree transplanting services to uproot a tree growing in a bad spot and replant it in a better area.

Tree and Stump Removal for North Chicago, ILTree Removal – North Chicago, IL

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we take an approach to our tree care services that focuses on maintaining the health of your trees and providing treatments for trees affected by insects or disease to restore their health.  However, there are times when a disease, infestation, or severe storm can cause significant damage to a tree that makes it structurally unsound.  When this happens, the tree is in danger of collapsing and must be removed before it causes additional damage or an injury.  Our arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care can fell and remove unstable trees in North Chicago, IL with our tree and stump removal services.  We have the equipment to remove trees safely and we will keep your property protected from damage in the process.

Tree Care Fertilization for North Chicago, ILTree Fertilization – North Chicago, IL

Trees need plenty of water and nutrients to survive like other living organisms, and the best way to ensure that they are well nourished is to fertilize them twice per year.  Fertilizing your trees in the spring gives them the nutrients necessary to have a strong growing season and fertilizing them in the fall will give them the strength to survive the winter.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree fertilization services for all types of trees in North Chicago, IL.  Our arborists will recommend the best type of fertilizer and method to use for your trees, and we offer a tree fertilization program to ensure that your trees are fertilized regularly.

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