Since 1964, Hendricksen Tree Care has been a trusted tree care service provider in Winnetka, IL and the surrounding north Chicago suburbs.  We provide complete tree care and maintenance services to diagnose and treat all types of trees on residential and commercial properties.  Our professional arborists are trained and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and are ready to help protect your trees from insects and diseases, as well as provide important maintenance such as fertilization and tree trimming.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we are dedicated to keeping your trees strong and healthy to prolong their lives and preserve their natural beauty.  Our regular tree maintenance services including fertilization and pruning will help keep your trees in good shape, and we can help you plant new trees and remove trees that have become heavily damaged or diseased.  We are also experts at diagnosing problems caused by disease or insects and we will form a treatment plan that will quickly get your tree back to health.  You can reach us at (847) 348-8302 to learn more about how our professional arborists can help treat and maintain your trees in Winnetka, IL.

Tree Treatments for Winnetka, ILTree Treatment – Winnetka, IL

All types of trees in the Chicago area are vulnerable to insect infestations and diseases that can result in very serious damage.  Fungal disease can cause a range of issues from leaf discoloration and foliage dieback to major trunk and branch damage.  Insects can be just as damaging as some can devour the foliage of a tree while others, like the emerald ash borer, will tunnel into the trunk of the tree and feed on the nutrients and wood, killing the tree from the inside.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides effective tree treatments in Winnetka, IL to diagnose and treat trees affected by insects or disease.  Our diagnosis will help us create a care plan that will restore the health and strength of your tree.  We can also provide regular treatments to protect your trees from insects and disease.

Tree Pruning for Winnetka, ILTree Pruning – Winnetka, IL

It is important for trees to be pruned each year because all trees can have overgrown, broken, or dead branches that need to be removed.  Removing broken or dead branches will help keep your tree healthy and it is wise to remove branches that are in powerlines or too close to your home or garage to prevent property damage.  Tree trimming must be done properly, however, as pruning the wrong branches can actually cause harm to the tree.  Tree pruning can also be a dangerous job depending on the size of your tree.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree pruning services in Winnetka, IL to trim the dead, broken, or overgrown branches from your tree.  Our experts will always trim the right branches to improve the health, safety, and appearance of your tree.

Tree Planting Services for Winnetka, ILTree Planting – Winnetka, IL

The addition of a new tree to your yard or landscape can have many benefits.  A new tree will add to the natural beauty of the space, provide shade and coverage from the rain, and improve the air quality.  The right tree can also increase your property value.  If you need help planting a new tree on your property in Winnetka, IL, Hendricksen Tree Care is happy to help.  Our arborists provide complete tree planting services to help choose a good spot for your tree and ensure that it is properly planted.  We can also provide tree transplanting if a tree on your property needs to be removed and replanted in a different spot.

Tree and Stump Removal for Winnetka, ILTree Removal – Winnetka, IL

Hendricksen Tree Care is dedicated to preserving the good health of your trees, but we know that there are times when it is best for a tree to be removed.  Insect infestations, storms, and disease are some of the factors that can cause very serious damage to a tree and leave it unstable.  An unstable tree is a danger to collapse and must be removed from your property immediately.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, our arborists can safely and effectively remove troublesome trees from residential and commercial properties in Winnetka, IL.  We will ensure that the tree and all its branches are removed, and we will also grind down the stump.

Tree Care Fertilization for Winnetka, ILTree Fertilization – Winnetka, IL

Trees are in the best shape to resist diseases and insect infestations when they receive enough water and nutrients.  In order for trees to receive enough nutrients, they must be fertilized properly at least twice per year.  Fertilization treatments in the spring will ensure that your trees get the nutrients they need to be healthy through the growing season while fall fertilization will prepare your trees to withstand the harsh conditions of winter.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree fertilization services in Winnetka, IL to ensure that your trees are properly fertilized to get the nutrients they need.  We can provide soil injection fertilization as well as direct injection fertilization depending on which method we believe is most beneficial to your trees.


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Tree Care Services
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