The appearance of a well-maintained lawn is an important part of any home or business. The effort people put in to upkeep their lawns pays off in terms of curb appeal and providing an attractive and inviting atmosphere. However, merely mowing the lawn is not enough to let it thrive and reach its full potential. It requires a bit more care than that.

Professional turf care plans from experienced providers can be very beneficial in achieving the desired end-result: a beautiful lawn bursting with life and color. Such services include fertilization, weed control, and other treatments which can help you achieve the perfect result. So don’t leave your lawn upkeep to chance — enlist professional help and turn your vision into reality.

Choosing the right team to take on the upkeep of your residential or commercial lawn is essential in making sure that it looks its best year-round. Hendricksen Tree Care provides turf care services in Winnetka, IL. We can help you set up a lawn care plan tailored to the specific needs of your property. We offer quality turf care services, such as fertilization and treatments throughout the growing season, to make sure that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant. Our professionals make good use of their expertise to ensure your project’s success.

Complete Lawn Care Services

At Hendricksen Tree Care, our arborists go to great lengths to ensure that your lawn and trees have the best possible care. We recognize that no two lawns are alike, and that’s why we tailor our services based on the type of grass and plants present on your property. This means the fertilizers and treatments we use are chosen specifically for your lawn’s needs. Furthermore, we understand each season brings with it different requirements for keeping your plants healthy, so we adjust our treatments and fertilizing services accordingly.

Our comprehensive turf care services help your lawn look and feel its best. We provide fertilization applications and help prevent weeds, grubs, and bare spots for a healthy green space that everyone can enjoy. Our offerings include:

  • Fertilization: Our team will keep your lawn looking its best all season with our specialized, slow-release granular fertilizer. Our blend is tailored to the time of year and specific needs of your grass – providing essential nutrients that stimulate growth without compromising quality.
  • Aeration: Aeration revitalizes lawns by providing nutrients directly to the soil. This process involves expertly removing plugs of turf, thatch, and soil with a special machine – the decomposition of which helps replenish much-needed nourishment back into those areas deep in your garden’s terrain. To get ideal results for your landscape, aerate both early and late each season alongside overseeding efforts.
  • Overseeding: A simple surface seeding process helps replenish bare patches and thinning areas, giving you a lush green yard. Aerations help mix in the new seed for optimal growth – try it today to get your grass looking its best.
  • Grub control and prevention: A healthy, flourishing lawn is an essential part of any beautiful property. Regrettably, grubs can wreak havoc on your grass, consuming the roots and leaving behind dead patches that take away its vibrancy and beauty. Put a stop to potential damage with our specialized treatment for protecting against these destructive larvae.
  • Weed control: Our comprehensive lawn care program ensures you have a weed-free summer, utilizing pre and post emergent treatments as well as targeted applications for hard to eliminate weeds.
  • Tree and shrub: You can add tree and shrub care to your turf care services.

Turf Care from Hendricksen

Invest in the visual appeal of your lawn with Hendricksen Tree Care’s premium turf care services. Our experienced professionals can identify and eliminate potential problems, while bringing out the best in your lawn for a price that works within any budget. Let us help you maintain vibrant coloration without sacrificing quality this season.

You can contact Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 for residential and commercial turf care services in Winnetka, IL.


Review by Steven Curl

Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again.”

Review by Scott Hansen

Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”Great tree trimming company very professional. Upfront with your costs. Considerate of your property.”

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