August and September are the prime months for aerating and overseeding lawns in the Winnetka, IL area. Aeration, or creating small holes spaced around your property to increase air and water, is essential for the health of your lawn during the dormant season of fall and winter. These holes are ideal for allowing more light, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots. Overseeding along with the aeration process helps new grass seedlings develop thicker roots as temperatures cool down, leading to strong germination come springtime. The combined effect of lawn aeration and overseeding can drastically improve the look, feel, and long-term health of your lawn for years to come.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we understand that your lawn is an extension of your home and requires special care and attention. That’s why we take extra care in providing customized aerating and overseeding services to residential and commercial clients in Winnetka, IL. Our experienced staff use state-of-the-art equipment to aerate the soil, allowing it to breathe more deeply, leading to a healthier root system. After the area is aerated, our team uses superior quality seed mixtures specifically formulated for optimal results in our local climate. These efforts not only improve aesthetic appeal but also allow for maximum nutrient availability from fertilizers and make your lawn much healthier in the long run.

Lawn Aeration

Compaction and thatch can be detrimental to a lawn’s health, as it prevents air, water, and nutrients from properly reaching the roots. During the growing season, activities like walking or playing on the lawn can lead to compaction. Furthermore, cold weather makes this problem worse because soil typically freezes in colder temperatures which limits the amount of oxygen reaching the roots. To combat these issues, it is important to regularly aerate your lawn so that air and nutrient absorption is not hindered through compaction.

Late summer aeration should be included in any lawn care routine for optimal growth potential. Not only does it open up the soil, providing an improved air exchange and the ability for water and beneficial nutrients to filter through easier, but it also removes plugs from the surface thatch of the lawn which add nutrients back into the soil. This process results in healthier and stronger root systems which ultimately leads to superior turf quality resulting in a beautiful lawn all season long.

Lawn aeration offers all of the following benefits:

  • More nutrient availability
  • Thicker lawns
  • Breaking up thatch and compacted soil


Overseeding is an effective way to ensure a greener, healthier lawn with minimal effort. By simply aerating your turf without turning the soil, you create holes in which the seed can settle, promoting thick and vibrant growth that prevents thinning and bare spots. With overseeding, you can be confident that your lawn will retain its lushness while simultaneously reducing weeds and improving overall temperature regulation of the soil.

We perform all of the following in our overseeding process:

  • Identify thinning and bare spots
  • Put together the right seeds for the type of grass
  • Spread out seeds over bare and thinning spots after the aeration process is completed

Nurture the newly sown seeds with regular watering to foster an even, lush lawn for optimal weed and disease resistance. As these delicate sprouts grow into strong shoots of grass, your yard will be healthier than ever.

Aeration and Overseeding from Hendricksen

Give your lawn the TLC it deserves with Hendricksen Tree Care’s aeration and overseeding services. Our arborists will open up the soil, providing better pathways for nutrients and water to nurture existing plants—and even kickstart new growth.

Make your Winnetka, IL landscape look its best with Hendricksen Tree Care. Our certified professionals offer aeration and overseeding services to ensure a lush, healthy lawn. Contact us today at (847) 348-8302 for more information.


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