Hendricksen Tree Care has been providing tree care services in Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years. Our highly trained specialists offer tree care and maintenance to home and business owners. We are trained and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and we know how to treat as well as protect your trees from diseases and insects. We will also make sure that your trees are maintained with fertilization and regular trimming.

Hendricksen Tree Care hires arborists who will ensure your trees are taken care of though the entire season. We will keep them healthy with fertilization and pruning and ensure that they are in good condition. We can plant new trees, or if you have trees that have already been planted but are not thriving, we can replant them. If you have trees that are not healthy due to insects or disease, we will put together a plan to get them healthy. Call us today at (847) 348- 8302 for all your tree care service needs in Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Tree Treatment – Buffalo Grove, IL

There are many trees in the Chicago area that can get infected by diseases and infested with harmful insects. For example, if trees get affected by fungal disease, they may experience trunk damage or foliage dieback. Sometimes insects will eat the foliage and can kill the tree from within. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree treatment services in Buffalo Grove, IL. We have the proper tools to diagnose and treat the trees properly to get them back to their healthy state. We then create a plan to continue caring for them to make sure they grow healthy and strong. This is often done with specific treatments for diseases and insects.

Tree Pruning — Buffalo Grove, IL

To grow healthy trees, it is required that they get pruned every year. This helps remove broken, dead, or overgrown branches and prevents branches from getting into the power lines or getting too close to your home or garage which can cause damage. However, it is important to know which branches to prune, otherwise you may hurt the tree. If you are not aware of how pruning is done, it can become dangerous and therefore should be left to the professionals. Hendricksen Tree Care offers pruning services to home and business owners in Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our experts are highly trained, and we can make sure that the proper tree branches are trimmed so that your trees are healthy.

Tree Planting – Buffalo Grove, IL 

Adding new trees to your landscape can help with air quality and improve the natural look of your property while providing coverage from the sun or rain. It can also increase the value of your property. Henricksen Tree Care can help you add a new tree to your yard with our tree planting services in Buffalo Grove, IL. Our arborists will help choose the best areas to plant trees in your yard so they get what they need to grow to their full potential. If you already have trees that may not be in the best spot for their growth, we can help replant them in a better spot for them to thrive.

Tree Removal – Buffalo Grove, IL

Hendricksen Tree Care helps make sure your trees are healthy. However, at times it is best for a tree to be removed. Whether it is due to insect infestations, or disease which can cause major damage to a tree, it may experience enough damage that it needs to be removed. Sometimes, even storms can damage trees, and leave them in unstable condition. If you have unstable trees at your property, they need to be removed immediately. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree removal in Buffalo Grove, IL to remove troublesome trees. We have the right expertise and equipment to remove trees and their branches as well as grind the stump down.

Tree Fertilization – Buffalo Grove, IL

It is important for trees to get enough water and nutrients and fertilizing your trees will give them the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. It is important to do the fertilization in the spring and in the fall. Spring fertilization prepares trees for the growing season while fall fertilization prepares them for winter dormancy. Hendricksen Tree Care offers tree fertilization in Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our specialists will make sure that your trees receive enough fertilizer to get the nutrients they need to grow healthy. We also provide specialized fertilization services and direct injection fertilization depending on what is best for your trees.


Review by Steven Curl

Tree Care Services
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”They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again.”

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Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”Great tree trimming company very professional. Upfront with your costs. Considerate of your property.”

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