For more than half a century, Hendricksen Tree Care has delivered reputable tree care services to Itasca, IL, and its neighboring suburbs to the north and northwest of Chicago. Our skilled and certified arborists excel in providing fundamental tree maintenance as well as diagnosis and treatment of a myriad of arboreal issues such as insect infestations and diseases that compromise your trees’ well-being. Equipped with certification and education from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), our team is dedicated to preserving the integrity and sheer splendor of your trees.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we are committed to preserving the life and development of your trees with our all-encompassing tree care services. The expert arborists on our team provide important maintenance that includes pruning and fertilization applications to encourage the health of your trees and extend their lifespan. Additionally, we excel in precise disease and pest infestation diagnostics followed by effective solutions to give your trees the proper care. With our continuous service throughout the growing season, we can help preserve the health of your trees.

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Tree Treatments in Itasca, ILTree Treatment – Itasca, IL

Even the most robust trees gracing your yard are susceptible to diseases and pests, which may wreak havoc on leaves, trunks, and limbs. Hendricksen Tree Care provides superior tree treatment solutions in Itasca, IL, in which we can diagnose and address these issues before they result in major damage or the death of the tree. Our arborists can accurately identify and treat diseases and pests, and we offer preventative measures as well. Regardless of your tree’s plight, we can help rejuvenate your trees’ health and aesthetics, guaranteeing their longevity.

Tree-Pruning-for-Itasca-ILTree Pruning – Itasca, IL

Periodic tree pruning is vital for eliminating excessive, decayed, and damaged branches from your trees. This procedure not only refines the shape of your trees but also invigorates healthful growth by clearing troublesome branches. It may also be essential to prune branches encroaching upon buildings or utility poles. Nevertheless, pruning trees can be a dangerous job, and there is an inherent risk of harming the tree by pruning healthy limbs. Engaging professional tree pruning specialists is advisable for this task. Hendricksen Tree Care offers professional tree pruning in Itasca, IL to remove overgrowth and damaged branches safely, enhancing the structural integrity and aesthetic of your trees.

Tree-Planting-Services-for-Itasca-ILTree Planting – Itasca, IL

Introducing new trees enriches your landscape. Beyond providing cooling shade and sanctuary from rainfall, planting new trees contributes significantly to your property’s natural allure. Nevertheless, selecting an appropriate site and ensuring proper care post-planting is crucial for a tree to thrive. Should you need guidance on planting your new tree or finding the best location for planting, we can help. Hendricksen Tree Care provides professional tree planting services in Itasca, IL. Our arborists will help you choose a tree suited for your environment and plant it in the best spot to maximize its development potential. We are also equipped to remove and replant trees that are in less-than-ideal locations for their growth and development.

Tree and Stump Removal in Itasca, ILTree Removal – Itasca, IL

Occasionally, a tree may evolve into a hazard necessitating removal due to mortality or extensive damage from pests, storms, or diseases. A heavily damaged or compromised tree poses the threat of falling branches or a total collapse. Tree removal is inherently dangerous without the appropriate skills and equipment and should be handled by experts. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree and stump removal services in Itasca, IL to ensure the safe removal of unstable trees. Our tree removal services guarantee the removal of the tree and its branches, and include stump grinding to clear the plot for subsequent new growth.

Tree Fertilization in Itasca, ILTree Fertilization – Itasca, IL

To ensure growth and help your trees resist pests and diseases, they need the right balance of nutrients and water. Although the natural minerals found in the soil provide some nourishment, many trees could benefit from extra nutrients to enhance their vitality. It is customary to apply fertilizer during early spring, prepping trees for the ensuing growth period, and in late fall prior to the trees entering their dormant state through the winter. Hendricksen Tree Care provides professional tree fertilization applications in Itasca, IL. Our arborists will evaluate the specific needs of your trees and prescribe the proper fertilization blend and application technique. Our approach ensures that your trees are well nourished for strong growth and robust health.


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Tree Care Services
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Tree Care Services
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