Lawns must be prepared for the dormant season before the cold temperatures of fall and winter arrive.  The best way to improve the long-term health of your lawn and give it the best chance to grow back healthy the next spring is to have the lawn aerated and overseeded in the late summer.  The best time to aerate and seed the types of grasses that are common in the Chicago area is in August or September.

Hendricksen Tree Care provides aerations and overseeding services for residential and commercial lawns throughout Chicagoland.  We use the right equipment to aerate your lawn and seed after the aeration to fill in bare spots and ensure that your lawn returns healthy the following spring.

Lawn Aeration

Lawns commonly become compacted during the growing season due to foot traffic and other factors.  Compacted soil and thatch can prevent the soil from getting enough air, water, and nutrients which ultimately affects the health of your lawn.  These issues can be made worse by cold weather that freezes the soil and affects the ability of the lawn to breathe.

Late summer aeration improves the air exchange and ability for the lawn to absorb water and nutrients by opening up the compacted soil.  Aerators remove plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn which leaves behind holes.  The plugs are left on the lawn to decompose and return nutrients back to the soil through the holes.  Aeration also makes it easier for the soil to get water and nutrients.

The following are the main benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Break up compacted soil and thatch: Aeration helps the lawn breath by breaking up compacted soil and thatch.
  • Increase nutrient availability: The air exchange and ability of water and nutrients to penetrate the soil is improved by aeration. The soil will also get additional nutrients as the plugs breakdown and return to the soil.
  • Helps lawn grow thicker: Aeration can help lawns grow back thicker the following spring by stimulating root development. Overseeding with aeration can also help the lawn grow back thicker as the seeds will penetrate the soil in the holes created by the aerator.

Overseeding and Aerations in Illinois


Overseeding is the process of seeding the lawn without turning the soil.  This is done with aeration because the holes in the soil allow the seeds to settle.  Overseeding promotes a thick, healthy lawn and can help improve thinning and bare spots.

The following steps are included in our overseeding process:

  • We will look for thinning and bare spots on your lawn
  • We put together the right seeds for the type of grass
  • The seeds are evenly spread over bare and thinning spots after the aeration process is completed

The lawn will need to be watered frequently once the seeds start to germinate as the seeds need to be kept moist until they become established.  The new growth will thicken the lawn which will make it more resistant to weeds and diseases.

Aeration and Overseeding from Hendricksen

Hendricksen Tree Care can help improve the thickness of your lawn with our aeration and overseeding services.  The aeration process opens up the soil for better nutrient and water absorption while seeding after aeration will foster new growth.

You can reach Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 for aeration and overseeding services in Chicagoland.

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