For over five decades, Hendricksen Tree Care has been trusted to provide premium tree care services in Niles, IL and the surrounding northern Chicago suburbs. Our comprehensive tree care and maintenance offerings ensure expert treatment and diagnosis for all types of trees on commercial and residential landscapes. Endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), our certified arborists stand ready to shield your trees against pests and diseases. We also provide essential tree care such as tree pruning and fertilization.

Our commitment at Hendricksen Tree Care lies in nurturing the vitality and wellness of your trees, preserving their natural beauty and prolonging their lifespan. Regular upkeep, including pruning and fertilization, is carried out to keep your trees thriving. Whether it’s planting new saplings or removing deeply afflicted or infested trees, we have the know-how to properly address health issues caused by pests or diseases, crafting treatment strategies that rapidly rejuvenate your trees. Reach out to us at (847) 348-8302 to learn more about our tree care services and how our arborists can care for your trees in Niles, IL.

Tree-Treatment-for-Niles-ILTree Treatment — Niles, IL 

Every tree in the Chicago region is prone to various diseases and insect infestations that can lead to significant harm. A fungal disease can cause an array of complications, from severe trunk and limb damage to the withering of leaves and color loss. Pests pose an equal threat. Certain insects may devour tree foliage, while others, like the dreaded emerald ash borer, bore into the wood, consuming its vital nutrients, which can eventually spell death for the tree. Hendricksen Tree Care provides effective tree treatment options in Niles, IL, diagnosing and addressing trees impacted by illness or infestation. With our accurate diagnosis, we create a personalized care regimen that revives and reinforces your tree’s health, along with preventive treatments to shield trees from these issues.

Tree-Pruning-for-Niles-ILTree Pruning — Niles, IL 

Annual pruning is essential to any tree’s health as it can develop broken, diseased, or overly grown branches that require removal. Eliminating these branches not only promotes the tree’s well-being but also avoids potential interference with power lines or structural damage to your home or property. However, pruning must be executed with precision, as incorrect cuts can harm the tree. Also, large-scale pruning can be dangerous without the right equipment and training. Hendricksen Tree Care provides professional tree pruning services in the Niles, IL area, to trim away damaged or excessive branches. Our arborists guarantee that the proper branches are trimmed, enhancing your tree’s aesthetics, health, and safety.

Tree Planting Services for Niles, ILTree Planting — Niles, IL 

Enhancing your yard with a new tree can bring several benefits, from improved air quality to boosting the landscape’s allure and offering shelter and shade from the elements. Selecting and planting a new tree can even boost your property’s market value. For those considering the addition of new trees in Niles, IL, Hendricksen Tree Care proudly offers its expertise. Our skilled arborists provide complete tree planting services, ensuring optimal location selection and correct planting methods. Furthermore, we are equipped to transplant trees requiring relocation on your property.

Tree-and-Stump-Removal-for-Niles-IL-300x225Tree Removal — Niles, IL 

While we consistently strive to nurse trees back to perfect health, there are situations when tree removal becomes imperative. The effects of disease, pest invasion, or extreme weather can render a tree structurally unsound, posing a real risk of collapse. Thus, it’s critical these imperiled trees are promptly and safely removed from the area. Our arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care provide tree removal to safely remove hazardous trees from both residential and commercial sites in Niles, IL. Our services include the disposal of the tree and all its limbs and grinding down the stump.

Tree Fertilization – Niles, IL

Robust and vibrant trees stem from adequate nutrition and hydration, fortifying them against pests and diseases. To fully nourish trees, it’s critical that they are fertilized biannually. Springtime fertilizing ensures trees get the vital nutrients for their growth phase while autumn fertilization preps trees to withstand the frigid conditions ahead. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree fertilization in Niles, IL to ensure your trees are well-supplied with necessary nutrients. Depending on the specific needs of your trees, our arborists may employ soil or direct injection fertilization techniques to ensure optimal health and resilience.


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Tree Care Services
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Tree Care Services
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