What is wrong with my tree?
When you see poor growth, the thinning of leaves, early “autumn” color and dropping of leaves, and signs of insects or disease, you have a sick tree.

A variety of factors are important for the health of trees. Soil, plant material, resistance to insects and disease, good maintenance, and the environment are all important for a tree’s long-term health. We have the knowledge and experience to give the best possible treatment to ailing trees. It’s our business not only to treat sick trees but to save them.

What is the life expectancy of a tree?
In normal conditions, trees can live from 25 to 50 years. So you can view them as a long-term investment. Trees in stressful urban environments live only half as long as the tree’s normal life span. We can tell you what to expect from the trees growing in your environment and show you ways to improve your tree’s environment.

How much will it cost?
At Hendricksen Tree Care, we always keep your budget first and foremost in mind. We have the know how to make sure we service your trees with the right treatment for a minimal investment. One treatment every year means a lower cost to you AND healthy, beautiful trees.

How long will a scheduled treatment take?
Most jobs are done in half a day.
Factors such as environmental conditions, wind, and moisture may cause delays.

Does the size of the crew matter?
Many tree service companies use a 4-member crew. Hendricksen Tree Care uses a more efficient 2 or 3 member crew. That’s how we can save you money. By using a highly trained smaller crew, we can pass on the savings to you.

What about safety?
Hendricksen Tree Care uses organic fertilizer injected by syringe into the tree. We have regular safety meetings and we are insured.

What is Hendricksen Tree Care’s approach to tree maintenance?
Hendricksen Tree Care takes a holistic approach to trees. We want to see them flourish – thriving and not just surviving. Although it is sometimes inevitable for certain trees to die, our goal is preservation. Each Hendricksen Tree Care team member is committed to the care of trees.

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