There are many reasons to have trees incorporated into your yard or landscape.  Trees can bring natural beauty to your yard and are often a main piece of a landscape design.  However, if you want to add a new tree to your property, you cannot just plant it anywhere.  Trees need specific soil conditions, sunlight, and enough room to grow to their full potential.  It is especially important to take these things into consideration if you are planting a tree on your property in Chicago.  Our arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care can help those interested in planting a new tree in North Chicago, IL with our tree planting services.  We can help you decided on a tree that will thrive in your yard and choose the ideal spot on your property to plant it.  We can also provide tree transplant services if you have a tree growing in a bad spot that needs to be removed and replanted.

Benefits of Planting a Tree

Tree Planting Services for North Chicago, ILPlanting a new tree can benefit your property in several ways.  A new tree will not only improve the look of your yard or landscape, but it can also boost your property value.  A new tree is good for increasing the amount of shade which will lower the temperature on your property as well as your cooling costs.  You can also help improve the air quality on your property and reduce the risk of flooding in your yard by planting a new tree.  If you have decided to plant a new tree, make it a family project.  It can be fun taking care of a tree with your family and watching it grow together over the years.

Tree Planting

When planting a new tree on your property in Chicago, you must consider the conditions of your property, as well as the amount of space it has to grow.  Our arborists can do an evaluation of the soil on your property and suggest tree types that will grow best in the soil conditions.  For properties in the city of Chicago, space is also a very important factor to consider.  If you have limited space, it is best to choose a tree that will fit within the space of your property because trees that do not have enough space to grow can cause problems.  We will help you choose the best place on your property to plant your new tree where it will have enough space to grow and get the sunlight that it needs.

Tree Transplanting

It is important to plant your tree in a good area because if it does not get the proper sunlight or nutrients, or have enough space, it may experience health and growth issues.  Our arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care can provide tree transplanting services to remove and replant trees growing in a bad spot.  We can safely uproot the tree without causing it any harm and replant it in a new spot where it has a better chance to thrive.  If there is a tree on your property that may need to be transplanted, we can evaluate the tree and determine if this is the best option.

Before you plant a new tree on your property in North Chicago, IL, make sure you talk to our professional arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care.  We can help you choose the best tree for your property and help you plant it in an ideal spot for it to grow.  You can call us at (847) 348-8302 for tree planting and tree transplanting services throughout Chicago’s northside neighborhoods including Lakeview, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Andersonville, and Albany Park.

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