Plants benefit from proper fertilization in numerous ways, making it essential for your trees be fertilized. Trees, in particular, receive important nutrients from fertilization. These nutrients help the trees grow to their full potential and give them the strength to fight off disease, insects, harsh conditions like drought, severe weather, and stress. To receive proper nutrition, trees should undergo fertilization two times a year: during the spring and in the fall. Spring fertilization allows trees to have nutrients for the growing season, and fall fertilization allows trees to better withstand harsh winter conditions.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree care fertilization services to help trees on commercial and residential properties in Highland Park, IL get the fertilization they need. Our professional arborists are knowledgeable and will know what fertilizers and which methods are best for your trees and shrubs. We also make sure fertilizer is applied at the right time.

Tree Fertilization Methods

Tree Care Fertilization for Highland Park, ILThere are two ways to apply tree fertilization: direct injection and soil injection. Determining which method is best varies for each situation. Our professionals can recommend the best fertilization method.

  • Direct Injection: When using this method, we inject the fertilizer directly into the tree’s vascular system, guaranteeing that the tree receives all of the nutrients. Direct injection eliminates competition for the nutrients between nearby plants and grass. This method is usually recommended for trees in dire need of proper nutrition.
  • Soil Injection: We utilize a special tool when dealing with soil injection. The tool allows us to inject the fertilizer beneath the soil and right to the tree’s root system. By doing this, our arborists are able to reach compact soil and place fertilizer out of the grass roots’ reach. Such a method ensures the tree will receive the nutrients. After doing an assessment of your trees, we will figure out the correct mixture of macro and micro nutrients for the fertilizer.

Professional Tree Fertilization

Hendricksen Tree Care has been in the business of tree fertilization in Highland Park, IL for many years. We provide fertilization services where our professionals will fertilize your trees whenever necessary using the fertilizer and method best-suited for your trees. When you let our arborists give your trees proper fertilization, we strengthen your trees, help them maintain their beauty, and assist them in making it through the winter. Contact Hendricksen Tree Care for our tree care fertilization services by calling (847) 348-8302.

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