Overseeding and Aerations Services in Palatine, IL

It is important to get your lawn prepared for the dormant season before it gets cold in the fall and winter. The best way to do this and to make sure your lawn is healthy long-term is to have it aerated and overseeded in the summer. In the Highland Park, IL, area, the best months to have your lawn aerated and seeded are August and September.

Hendricksen Tree Care offers aeration and overseeding services for residential and commercial lawns in Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding areas. We have the proper equipment to aerate your lawn and then seed it afterward to make sure any bare spots are filled, and your lawn will be healthy the next spring.

Lawn Aeration

During the growing season, your lawn may become compacted from being walked on among other reasons. Compacted soil and thatch can prevent air, water, and nutrients from getting into the soil, which can affect your lawn health. Cold weather can make this situation worse as the soil freezes and it becomes more difficult for it to breathe.

Aerating your lawn in the late summer will help with air exchange and allow it to get water and nutrients by opening the soil that was compacted. With the aeration process, plugs of soil are removed to make holes in the lawn. We then leave these plugs to decompose and put nutrients back into the soil through the holes. The process of aeration will make it easier for the soil to get nutrients and water.

These are the benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Break up compacted soil and thatch: The process of aeration will help your lawn breathe by getting the soil and thatch broken up.
  • Increase nutrient availability: The aeration process will allow for better air exchange and help water and nutrients to get into the soil. The soil will also get more nutrients from the plugs breaking down into the soil.
  • Helps lawn grow thicker: Aeration can help your lawn grow even thicker by the spring as it will stimulate the roots. Overseeding along with aeration helps the lawn grow as the seeds will get into the soil via the holes made by the aerator.


Overseeding is the process in which your lawn is seeded without the soil being turned. With aeration, there are holes created in the soil which will allow your seeds to settle. The overseeding process helps your lawn be thick and healthy and can also treat any spots that have thinned or gotten bare.

These are the overseeding steps:

  • We will look at your lawn and find any bare spots.
  • The right blend of seeds will be put together for your specific type of grass.
  • We will spread the seeds evenly over any spots that have thinned or gotten bare after we’ve completed the aeration process.

We will ensure that your lawn is watered as needed once the seeds start to germinate as the seeds need to be moist to become established. This new growth will help thicken your lawn, making it less prone to weeds and diseases.

Aeration and Overseeding from Hendricksen

Hendricksen Tree Care helps your lawn get thicker with our lawn aeration and overseeding services. The aeration process helps the soil open up and absorb water while seeding after aeration will help with new growth.

Hendricksen Tree Care can be reached at (847) 348-8302 for lawn aeration and overseeding services in Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding areas.


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