As living organisms, all trees — no matter the type — are vulnerable to disease and insect infestations, and they can cause severe damage. When trees are affected by disease or insect infestations, the symptoms of such may be insignificant or difficult to recognize initially. However, those symptoms can accelerate quickly and harm your tree so much that it must be removed. If you think any of your trees have suffered from insect infestations or disease, then you need to act promptly for tree diagnosis and treatment before the damage worsens. At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree maintenance and treatment services in Highland Park, IL to treat and diagnose trees that have been damaged by insect infestation or disease. Our professional arborists will work to diagnose your tree’s issue and develop a thorough care plan that resolves the issue and restores your tree’s health.

Tree Disease Treatment

Tree Treatments for Highland Park, ILNumerous tree diseases exist that can damage your trees in several ways including defoliation, stunted growth, and trunk damage. Bacteria or fungus cause many tree diseases, but harsh conditions — such as a drought — may also trigger problems with your trees. Call our professional arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care right away if you find that any of your trees are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal branch or trunk growths
  • Dark spots or dust-like powder on leaves
  • Dying or weak branches
  • Yellowing or dying foliage

After receiving your call, our professional arborists act right away, inspecting and accurately diagnosing your trees. When the disease has been determined, we talk through potential treatment options for your tree and advise you on what’s best to restore your tree’s health. The treatments we perform on your trees assist in alleviating all symptoms and eliminate the disease from your tree.

Tree Insect Treatment

The presence of certain insects is beneficial for trees, but a lot of insects cause damage to trees and drain them of their nutrients. Generally speaking, there are two types of insects that can harm your trees. Insects like Japanese beetles feed on leaves while insects such as the emerald ash borer tunnel into trees to feed on nutrients and the wood. Both of these infestations can cause severe damage to your tree, compromising its integrity and health.

If you discover that there are small holes in your tree’s bark or that your tree has skeletonized leaves, chances are your tree is suffering from an insect infestation. At Hendricksen Tree Care, we employ experts who are able to figure out what kind of insect has affected your tree and what the best treatment method is to eliminate it. Afterwards, we talk through the options with you and start treatments.

Depending on the nature of the infestation and which insect is responsible, the following types of insect treatments can be expected from our services:

  • Bark spray
  • Canopy spray
  • Soil injection
  • Trunk injection

Tree Maintenance

Conducting effective maintenance on your trees on a regular basis strengthens your trees, making it easier for them to resist disease and insects. Our professionals assist in maintaining your trees’ health by providing the following tree maintenance services:

  • Once a year treatment: Every year in the spring, our arborists care for your trees by providing such treatment. This guarantees your trees will have the necessary nutrients to fight disease and insects year-round.
  • Tree pruning: Tree trimming is performed to rid of broken, dead, and diseased branches, which also helps your tree stay healthy.
  • Organic tree fertilization: By utilizing organic fertilizers, we provide your tree with nutrients necessary for growth.
  • Tree disease and insect prevention: Our arborists work with healthy trees as well, providing treatments for disease and insect infestation prevention.
  • Storm tree service: When your trees are impaired by a storm, our professionals tend to your damaged tree while also cleaning up broken branches and other debris.

If you find your trees have any symptoms of disease or insect infestation, act immediately by calling Hendricksen Tree Care. Our professional arborists diagnose and assess your treats and promptly start treatments to recover their health. For those in Highland Park, IL, we can assist further with our preventative tree maintenance services, which are meant to lessen the risk of insect infestations or disease.

Call Hendricksen Tree Services at (847) 348-8302 for our tree treatment services.

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