Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Palatine, IL

All lawns need the proper amount of nutrients to be healthy and grow to their best potential. If your lawn has the right amount of light and water, it will grow strong enough to protect itself from diseases and weeds. If your lawn, however, does not get the light and water it needs, it will not grow to its full potential and be more vulnerable to these issues.

Hendricksen Tree Care offers residential and commercial lawn fertilization and weed control services in Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding areas. We make sure to apply fertilizer to your lawn at specific times of the year so that we can get it to the right thickness and prevent weeds with the proper weed control applications.

Lawn Fertilization

All lawns need water and nutrients so they can grow well. The soil does give your lawn nutrients, however, fertilizer should be added so that it can be as healthy as possible. Fertilization of your lawn will give it the right amount of nutrients for the specific time of the year.

It is important to add the right type and amount of fertilizer to help your lawn. There shouldn’t be too little or too much fertilizer added to it as this could harm the lawn. Our highly trained professionals will make sure that we add just the right amount of fertilizer for your specific type of grass. It is also crucial to apply fertilizer at specific times of the year so that the grass grows to its best potential. We will add more fertilizer if your lawn is struggling.

Weed Control

If your lawn has been taken care of properly and has a strong root system, it will be able to get rid of weeds before they appear. However, if your lawn does not have a strong enough root system, weeds will become established and it is extremely difficult to get rid of them.

Our highly trained staff will make sure to add specialized pre-emergent treatments if we think that there is potential that your lawn may get weeds. If you already have weeds, we will eradicate them with post-emergent treatments. Based on the type of grass, soil type, and the types of weeds you have on your lawn, we will make the best decision on the treatment that will be the most effective. We will also make follow-up visits to ensure the treatments we used are working.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control from Hendricksen

Fertilization of your lawn is extremely important as it will help it stay strong and not allow weeds to grow. Our professionals will make sure that we use the proper fertilization formulated for the needs of your lawn. This will help it grow well and be weed free. Call Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 to inquire about our lawn fertilization and weed control services in Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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