Trees are living things which means that they are vulnerable to diseases and insect infestations that can cause extensive damage.  If your trees are infected either by tree insects or diseases, they must be treated immediately or they may become damaged or sick enough that they need to be removed.  Our professional arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care provide complete tree maintenance and tree care services in Arlington Heights, IL to treat trees affected by disease or insect infestations.  We are committed to providing an effective solution to the problem and nursing your trees back to health.

Tree Disease Treatment in Arlington Heights, IL

There are several diseases that can infect your trees including Verticillium Wilt which causes wilting of the leaves, and Anthracnose which causes damage to the leaves and branches.  Tree diseases can also be brought on by harsh conditions like droughts.  The arborists of Hendricksen Tree Care can correctly identify signs of tree diseases such as discolored or damaged leaves, thinning canopy, and dust-like material on the leaves and branches.  After we diagnose the disease, we will explain the treatment options to you and administer treatments to help bring your tree back to good health.

Tree Insect Treatment in Arlington Heights, IL

There are several types of insects that can cause serious damage to your trees including the Japanese beetle and dreaded emerald ash borer.  Japanese beetles cause damage by eating the leaves of the tree while the emerald ash borer burrows into the trunks and branches of ash trees where it feeds and lays its eggs.  An emerald ash borer infestation can generally be identified by the D-shaped holes in the bark that they create to get in and out of the trunk.

Tree Treatment Services in Arlington Heights, IL

The arborists of Hendricksen Tree Care will quickly identify insect infestations and offer solutions to rid your trees of these pests.  Common treatment options include soil injection, trunk injection, bark spray, and canopy spray, with soil and trunk injections being the most commonly used.  We will discuss your treatment options with you once the infestation has been identified and help you decide which treatment option is best.

Tree Maintenance in Arlington Heights, IL

The best way to avoid tree diseases and insect infestations is to ensure that your trees are properly maintained.  We provide the following tree maintenance services to help protect the health of your trees and prolong their life:

  • Once-a-year treatments
  • Expert tree pruning
  • Safe, organic tree fertilization
  • Tree disease and insect control
  • Storm tree service

If you believe that there may be an issue with your trees, or that your trees need protective maintenance, contact Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302.  Our arborists can provide effective tree care and maintenance in Arlington Heights, IL to protect their health and appearance, as well as prolong their life.


Review by Pavlin R. Panayotov

Tree Care Services
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”I have a tree in the yard of a home that I own and rent that I thought needed to be removed. The branches were hanging over the neighbor’s property and I did not want my tree to cause any damage. One tree removal professional was ready to remove the tree, but I called Hendricksen Tree Care for a second opinion. Bob Hendricksen came to my property and told me it is best to not remove the tree. He said that he could provide treatment for the tree that will help it live strong for another 10 years. He also mentioned that removing the tree could lead to issues with water pooling in the yard. Instead of removing the tree, Hendricksen Tree Care provided treatment to help it stay strong and healthy.
I want to thank Bob Hendricksen for providing treatment to save the tree, even though the treatment service cost less than removing it. His passion for providing excellent tree care saved my tree!”

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