Lawns are living entities and like other things that are alive, they need the proper nutrients to maintain their health and longevity.  Getting the correct amount of water and nutrients allows the lawns to grow thick enough to choke out any harmful weeds.  If the lawn does not get the water and nutrients that is required, they will thin out, becoming incapable of fighting off weeds and diseases.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide lawn fertilization and weed control for residential and commercial lawns in Arlington Heights, IL.  We apply fertilization at several points throughout the growing season to ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to grow to its desired thickness in order to prevent weed growth.  We will also provide weed control applications to further protect your lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

While water is a crucial element for the health of any lawn, the grass also needs nutrients to grow dense and stay healthy.  The grass does get some natural nutrients from the soil, but fertilization ensures that the grass gets the abundance of nutrients it needs at specific times of the year.

It is important for fertilizer to be applied properly as over fertilization is bad for the lawn.  Over fertilization can cause stunted growth, burning, wilting, and root damage which can kill off sections of your lawn.  Our professionals will apply the right amount of the proper blend of fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs without causing any damage.

Our professionals will determine which types of fertilizer to use depending on the type of grass and the time of year.  We apply slow-release granular fertilizers which deliver nutrients slowly over time.  Fertilizer applications are typically done at certain times during the growing season, but we can also provide applications to help lawns that are struggling.

Weed Control

When a lawn is healthy, the root system is strong enough to choke out most weed plants before they can form.  However, weeds can still appear, and they are difficult to eliminate.

Our professionals will provide pre-emergent weed treatments to help prevent weeds from growing as well as post-emergent treatments for weeds that have already appeared.  Our weed treatments will be determined by the soil condition, grass types, and the type of weeds that are affecting your lawn.  A pre-emergent treatment will be applied on each visit, and we will do follow up visits after post-emergent treatments to ensure that our weed control measures are working.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control from Hendricksen

Lawns benefit greatly from proper fertilization as getting the right nutrients will make your lawn thicker and give it the strength to fight off weeds.  We will tailor our fertilization and weed control services specifically for your lawn to help keep it healthy and free of weeds throughout the entire growing season.

Feel free to call our professionals at Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 for more information about our lawn fertilization and weed control services in Arlington Heights, IL.

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