When Should I Plant a Tree in the Chicago Area?

Posted by on May 27, 2019 in News |

Now that the spring season is in full swing in the Chicago area, there are more people working in their yards, mowing the lawn, planting gardens, and tending to their trees.  Much of the yard work that is done in the spring involves new planting, whether it is the planting of new flower beds and vegetable gardens or spreading seed for grass.  For these types of plants, spring is the best season to do some new planting.  But what about planting...

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Common Tree Diseases and Insect Pests Found in Chicago, IL and the Northwest Suburbs

Posted by on Apr 10, 2019 in News |

Spring is such a refreshing season in the Chicago area, especially right after a long winter.  Chicagoland winters usually feature the typical cold and snow, and sometimes even temperature drops to mind blowing levels of cold at negative 30 to 40 degrees during the deep freeze.  Now that the cold and snow are behind us, people can enjoy being outside and appreciate the new spring growth as flowers and trees will soon begin to bloom throughout...

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Basswood Trees Native to the Chicago Area

Posted by on Mar 28, 2019 in News |

This week, we continue our series on the native trees of the Chicago area with a look at basswood trees (Tilia sp.), also known as linden trees.  These trees are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere in North America, Europe, and Asia and there are around 30 known species in the world.  Basswood trees are known for their thick canopies, heart-shaped leaves, and fragrant flower clusters. There are around 30 known species of basswood trees...

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Native Sycamore Trees of the Chicago Area

Posted by on Feb 28, 2019 in News |

We have returned with our ongoing series on the native trees of the Chicago area to highlight sycamore trees throughout Illinois.  Sycamore trees (Platanus sp.), also known as plane trees, are tall deciduous trees found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  The genus Platanus consists of 11 different tree species; four species referred to as sycamores that are native to North America and seven species referred to as plane trees that are found in...

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Hickory & Pecan Trees of the Chicago, Illinois Area

Posted by on Feb 7, 2019 in News |

This week, we are back with our ongoing series about the native trees of the Chicago area with a look at hickory trees.  Hickory trees (Carya sp.) are medium to tall deciduous trees known for their strong, dense wood and edible nuts.  Most species of hickory trees can be found in the eastern half of North America, from southern Canada down to northern Mexico, and there are some species found in India, China, and Indochina.  Hickory trees have...

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Winter is the Best Time of the Year to Prune Your Chicagoland Trees

Posted by on Jan 21, 2019 in News |

In the middle of a Chicago winter, yardwork of any kind is probably the last thing on your mind.  The ground in your yard is likely frozen and the plant life, including the grass, trees, and shrubs are dormant.  For the most part, you must wait until the spring to start your yardwork for the new growing season.  However, there is one thing you can do during the winter to help your trees and shrubs; pruning.  Tree pruning is highly recommended...

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