It is very important for trees to be properly fertilized to get the nutrients they need. Regular fertilization helps trees grow to their full potential and better resist diseases and insects, tough weather conditions such as droughts, and storms. To get the right amount of nutrients, trees should be fertilized at least twice per year. The best times to fertilize trees are in the spring so they can get through the growing season, and in the fall to make sure they can get through the harsh winter.

Hendricksen Tree Care offers tree fertilization services for residential and commercial properties in Glencoe, IL, and the surrounding areas. We employ highly trained arborists that know the best ways to fertilize your trees and shrubs so they can grow to their full potential.

Tree Fertilization in Glencoe, IL

Tree Fertilization Methods

Tree fertilization can be done either by direct injection or soil injection. The best method for your trees will depend on your specific situation. Our highly skilled arborists will determine the best fertilization method.

  • Direct Injection: This method involves the fertilizer being injected into the tree’s vascular system so that the tree gets all the nutrients. It also eliminates competition for nutrients from nearby plants and grass. This method is usually done when trees are in major need of nutrition.
  • Soil Injection: This treatment involves a specialized tool that injects fertilizer below the soil and into the root system of the tree to ensure sure that the tree gets all the nutrients. Depending on the type and condition of your trees, we can figure out the appropriate mixture of macro and micronutrients for the fertilizer.

Professional Tree Fertilization

Hendricksen Tree Care has been providing tree fertilization services in Glencoe, IL for many years. Our professionals will provide the appropriate fertilization that will help make your trees stronger, more beautiful, and resistant to insects, diseases, and harsh conditions.  You can contact Hendricksen Tree Care for our tree care fertilization services by calling (847) 348-8302.


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Tree Care Services
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”I have a tree in the yard of a home that I own and rent that I thought needed to be removed. The branches were hanging over the neighbor’s property and I did not want my tree to cause any damage. One tree removal professional was ready to remove the tree, but I called Hendricksen Tree Care for a second opinion. Bob Hendricksen came to my property and told me it is best to not remove the tree. He said that he could provide treatment for the tree that will help it live strong for another 10 years. He also mentioned that removing the tree could lead to issues with water pooling in the yard. Instead of removing the tree, Hendricksen Tree Care provided treatment to help it stay strong and healthy.
I want to thank Bob Hendricksen for providing treatment to save the tree, even though the treatment service cost less than removing it. His passion for providing excellent tree care saved my tree!”

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