All types of trees can be affected by diseases and insect infestations which can cause damage. However, if trees get infected by a disease or insects, the symptoms may not be recognizable right away. The symptoms can get worse very quicky without treatment and the tree may have to be removed from your property. If you notice the symptoms of an insect infestation or disease and react quickly, you may be able to save your tree.

Hendricksen Tree Care offers tree maintenance and treatment services in Glencoe, IL and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled professional arborists will diagnose the issues your trees may be having and treat them before they experience major damage. We will create a care plan for your trees to restore their health.

Tree Disease Treatment

There are many diseases that can cause damage to trees such as defoliation, stunted growth, and damage to the trunk. Tree diseases are commonly caused by fungus or bacteria, but extreme conditions such as drought can also cause issues with your trees. Make sure to call Hendricksen Tree Care immediately if your trees have the following symptoms:

  • Growth in the branches or the trunk that is abnormal
  • Dust like powder and dark spots on leaves
  • Branches that are weak or dying
  • Foliage that is yellowing or dying

After you call us, we will inspect and diagnose your trees. Once we determine the disease, we will go through the options for treatment with you, so that you know how the health of your trees can be restored.

Tree Treatment - Glencoe, IL

Tree Insect Treatment

Although some insects can be beneficial, there are several types of insects that can be harmful to your trees. When it comes to insects that harm trees, there are two types; insects that eat leaves like the Japanese beetle and insects that tunnel into trees and feed on the nutrients from the wood like emerald ash borers. These types of infestations can cause major damage to the structural integrity and health of your trees.

If you see small holes in the bark of your tree, or you notice leaves that have skeletonized, you may be dealing with an insect infestation. At Hendricksen Tree Care, our arborists can quickly find out what type of insect infestation is affecting your tree and determine the best way to treat it. We will talk to you about the different treatments to get rid of the insects.

Depending on the type of infestation and the insect responsible, we will provide one of the following treatment options:

  • Bark spray
  • Canopy spray
  • Soil injection
  • Trunk injection

Tree Maintenance

It is important to provide the proper maintenance for your trees regularly so that they can be more resistant to diseases and insect infestations. Our professionals can help your trees stay healthy by providing these maintenance services:

  • Yearly treatment: We will provide this treatment in the spring to ensure that your trees have the right nutrients to fight diseases and insects all year long.
  • Tree pruning: We can remove any broken, dead, or diseased branches to keep your trees healthy.
  • Organic tree fertilization: We use organic fertilizers so that your trees can have the proper nutrients to grow.
  • Tree disease and insect prevention: Our arborists make sure to maintain healthy trees so they can avoid diseases and infestations.
  • Storm tree service: If your tree has been damaged by a storm, we will make sure to clean up any broken branches and debris and fully tend to your tree.

If you’ve noticed that your trees have symptoms of a disease or an insect infestation, make sure to call Hendricksen Tree Care. Our arborists will make sure to diagnose and treat your trees right away so that they can be healthy again. We can help you even further with our preventative tree maintenance services to keep your trees healthy. You can call Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 for our tree treatment services in Glencoe, IL.


Review by Pavlin R. Panayotov

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”I have a tree in the yard of a home that I own and rent that I thought needed to be removed. The branches were hanging over the neighbor’s property and I did not want my tree to cause any damage. One tree removal professional was ready to remove the tree, but I called Hendricksen Tree Care for a second opinion. Bob Hendricksen came to my property and told me it is best to not remove the tree. He said that he could provide treatment for the tree that will help it live strong for another 10 years. He also mentioned that removing the tree could lead to issues with water pooling in the yard. Instead of removing the tree, Hendricksen Tree Care provided treatment to help it stay strong and healthy.
I want to thank Bob Hendricksen for providing treatment to save the tree, even though the treatment service cost less than removing it. His passion for providing excellent tree care saved my tree!”

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