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There are specific things that need to be done to prepare lawns for colder temperatures in the fall and winter. The best way to prepare for this is by doing aeration and overseeding in late summer. This will allow your lawn to grow and be healthy and will ensure its long-term health. In the Chicago area, it is best to aerate and seed in August or September.

Hendricksen Tree Care offers aerations and overseeding services to home and business owners in Lake Zurich, IL, and the surrounding areas. We have the equipment that allows us to aerate your lawn and seed it as well. This allows any bare spots to be filled and your lawn to look healthy and full in the spring.

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn becomes compacted during growing season because of foot traffic and other factors. When the soil is compacted, it does not get enough air, water, and nutrients which can prevent it from being healthy. When a compacted lawn becomes frozen from cold weather, it is unable to breathe.

When you aerate your lawn in the late summer, it helps it with air exchange and helps it absorb water and nutrients, since the soil will no longer be compacted. The aerator leaves behind holes, and the plugs of soil that created the holes are left on the lawn to decompose as this will help get nutrients into the soil through the holes.

These are the benefits of aerating your lawn:

  • Break up compacted soil and thatch: The process of aeration will help your lawn breathe by opening up the compacted soil and thatch.
  • Increase nutrient availability: As you do the aeration of your lawn, you allow it to better absorb nutrients, water, and air. When the soil from the plugs breaks down, it will also gain additional nutrients.
  • Helps lawn grow thicker: Aeration will allow for root stimulation, causing your lawn to grow even thicker in the spring. Using aeration and overseeding allows for seeds to go into the soil easier as the aerator creates holes.


With overseeding, the lawn is seeded but the soil is not turned. Instead, an aerator is used to poke holes in the soil so that seeds can settle. This allows your lawn to get thicker and healthier. It can also help improve thinning and bare spots.

These are the steps for the overseeding process:

  • We will check your lawn for thinning and bare spots.
  • Based on your type of grass, we will put together the right seeds to help your lawn.
  • We will spread seeds over any thinning and bare spots after aeration is completed.

You will need to make sure to water your lawn often once the seeds have started germinating. They need to be kept moist so they can establish. Once the new growth is there, it will allow your lawn to become thicker which will help prevent weeds and diseases.

Aeration and Overseeding from Hendricksen

Hendricksen Tree Care will help you ensure your lawn is thicker and healthier with our aeration and overseeding services. Aeration helps with getting nutrients into the soil by opening it up and allows your lawn to better absorb water, while seeding after aeration helps with new growth.

Hendricksen Tree Care can be reached at (847) 348-8302 for aeration and overseeding services in Lake Zurich, IL, and the surrounding areas.


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