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There are many situations in which property owners like to have a tree planted or transplanted on their grounds. Sometimes a family is moving, and they would like a family tree to move with them. Other times all a yard needs is a nice new tree to balance out the landscape. There are even a variety of financial and scientific benefits to consider, as well. Whatever your reason, we encourage you to contact our Hendricksen Tree Care representatives about our tree planting services. If you live in the Park Ridge, IL, area, we will help you plant or relocate a tree while giving it the best odds of living a long, healthy life.

Benefits of Planting a Tree

While there are many sentimental reasons for planting and relocating trees on your property, there are also quite a few scientific and monetary factors to consider. Depending on your location, trees can provide the following benefits:

  • Tree Planting – Park Ridge, ILPrevention of erosion and flooding on your property
  • An increase in property value
  • Absorption of excess carbon dioxide
  • Production of fresh air in the form of oxygen
  • A reduction of noise from traffic and similar nuisances
  • Lower energy bills when they provide shade in strategic locations
  • Slowing of heavy winds

As you may imagine, it takes careful planning to take advantage of these and similar benefits. Our Hendricksen Tree Care specialists will work with you to determine optimal locations for specific types of trees on your property.

Selecting Appropriate Trees For Your Property

We all know that person who loves sunshine and beaches; however, that does not mean a palm tree would be a reasonable choice for their property in Park Ridge, IL. Our professional arborists will help you identify which trees fit your preferences, but will also thrive and add value to your property. Factors that will limit your choices include:

  • Local weather conditions
  • Common tree diseases
  • Regional pests
  • Soil conditions
  • Proximity to water

There are many more aspects to consider, but this is a solid baseline that highlights why your ideal tree may not be a good fit. This can be said for trees that need to be relocated, as well. Sometimes trees are placed, or begin to grow, in positions that are far from ideal, which stunts their growth and increases their odds of dying. We can help you rearrange trees on your property to increase their utility to you, while also improving their chances of survival.

We Are Your Advocate

Planting and transplanting trees is more complex than it appears at face value. This is why we encourage you to utilize the expertise of our Hendricksen Tree Care professionals. We will assess your property, take into consideration your goals, and work to provide a quality result.

If you live in Park Ridge, IL, and would like to take advantage of our tree planting services, simply contact our representatives at (847) 348-8302. We will help your dream landscape take root!


Tree Care Services
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”They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again.”

Tree Care Services
Rating 5 5 Star R.W.Hendricksen Rating

”Great tree trimming company very professional. Upfront with your costs. Considerate of your property.”

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