Overseeding and Aerations Services in Palatine, IL

Late summer is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead, as aerating and overseeding will give it the best chance of making it through winter healthy and strong. Doing so in August and September will also ensure the seeds have enough time to germinate before temperatures drop too low. This process allows more oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of grasses common to the Wilmette area – leading them to be better-equipped in fighting off mold, disease, and weeds, which can be a major issue during cooler weather. Aerating before overseeding helps break up compacted soil that could be limiting growth. With these processes appropriately managed in late summer, you can look forward to a lusher and healthier lawn come springtime.

At Hendricksen Tree Care, we residential and commercial customers the highest quality aeration and overseeding services in Wilmette, IL. With the right equipment, our team will aerate your lawn in order to promote water, air, and nutrient movement into the soil. We then use top-of-the-line seed to fill in any bare spots so that your lawn’s health is strengthened for a vibrant return in the spring season. Our comprehensive approach is reliable – you can trust us for superior results for any of your lawn care needs.

Lawn Aeration

The health of your lawn can be negatively affected by soil compaction and thatch accumulation caused by foot traffic and other factors during the growing season. Compacted soil cannot absorb sufficient air, water, or nutrients, and this problem is often exacerbated when temperatures drop low enough to freeze the soil and restrict its ability to break down organic matter in the thatch layer. To combat this issue, a combination of aeration and dethatching can help keep your lawn healthy even during trials posed by cold weather.

Late summer aeration provides many varieties of benefits to lawns during the hottest months. It enhances air exchange and improves its ability to efficiently absorb water and essential nutrients. Further, for well-maintained lawns, it disseminates plugs into the soil that help enrich it by returning a substantial amount of key resources to the ground. By removing these small plugs from deep within the soil, aeration makes it easier for water and nutrients to make their way down below and yield optimum results.  Therefore, late summer aeration of your lawn is an incredibly beneficial practice that should not be overlooked.

Lawn aeration offers all of the following benefits:

  • More nutrient availability
  • Thicker lawns
  • Breaking up thatch and compacted soil


Overseeding is an excellent way to promote a lush, healthy lawn without having to completely re-seed the entire area. Through aeration and careful seeding, overseeding creates small holes that allow seeds to settle effectively. Not only does this process provide a thick, natural looking lawn, it helps improve thinning in bare spots as well. As such, overseeding is a wonderful way to invest in the long-term appearance of your lawn.

We perform all of the following in our overseeding process:

  • Identify thinning and bare spots
  • Put together the right seeds for the type of grass
  • Spread out seeds over bare and thinning spots after the aeration process is completed

To promote healthy growth, a regular watering regimen is essential once the seeds start to germinate. This will lend much-needed moisture while they become established and help thickening existing foliage that prevents pesky weeds and diseases from infiltrating your lawn.

Aeration and Overseeding from Hendricksen

Thicken and reinvigorate your lawn with Hendricksen Tree Care’s aeration and overseeding services! Aerating the soil breaks up compacted earth, allowing for better nutrient and water absorption. Follow it up by seeding to promote lush new growth – all from one simple process.

Get your property back in top shape with Hendricksen Tree Care, providing aeration and overseeding services to Wilmette, IL. Give us a call at (847) 348-8302 for professional assistance.

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