Trees of all types can be affected by diseases and insect infestations and both issues can do serious damage pretty quickly.  It is important to recognize the early signs of a disease or insect infestation because if these problems are not treated right away, they could result in extensive damage or even the death of the tree.  If you believe that your trees are affected by insects or a disease, call a professional arborist immediately to assess the situation.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree treatment and maintenance services in Wilmette, IL to help prevent diseases and insect infestations and treat them when they occur.  Our arborists can diagnose an infestation or disease and get your trees back to health with effective treatments.

Tree Disease Treatment

Tree Treatments for Wilmette, ILThere are a variety of tree diseases that can cause damage to the leaves, branches, or trunk of a tree and the effects will lead to the death of the tree if not treated.  Most diseases are caused by a bacteria or fungus, but they can also be triggered by harsh conditions like droughts.  It is important to check the branches, trunk, and leaves for any signs of a disease so you can call an arborist to diagnose and treat the issue.

You should contact Hendricksen Tree Care if you notice any of the following with your trees:

  • Yellowing or dying leaves
  • Broken, weak, or dying branches
  • White powder or dark spots on the leaves
  • Growths or sores on the trunk or branches

Our arborists will evaluate the symptoms of your trees and accurately diagnose the disease.  We will then cover your treatment options with you and work to eradicate the disease and get your trees back to good health.

Tree Insect Treatment

Every tree has certain insects that can do serious damage to its health or structure.  Insects typically damage trees either by feeding on the leaves which leads to defoliation, or by burrowing into the wood to feed on the nutrients inside the tree.  Both types of insects can cause serious damage and even kill the tree if the infestation is not treated.  If you notice that the leaves of your trees are skeletonized, you may have a problem with a leaf eating bug.  Burrowing insects like the emerald ash borer leave small exit holes in the bark.  You must call Hendricksen Tree Care as soon as you notice either of these signs of an infestation.

Our arborists will carefully assess the insect infestation and come up with a treatment plan to eliminate the pest without damaging your tree.  We use the following types of applications to treat insect infestations:

  • Soil injection
  • Trunk injection
  • Canopy spray
  • Bark spray

Tree Maintenance

Trees can naturally resist harmful insects and diseases if they are properly nourished and maintained.  Hendricksen Tree Care provides a variety of tree maintenance services to help keep your trees strong and healthy enough to resist disease and insect infestations:

  • Once a year treatment: We provide this treatment for trees each spring so they have the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.
  • Tree pruning: Our arborists will remove broken, dead, and diseased branches to help protect the health of the tree.
  • Organic tree fertilization: We provide fertilization applications with organic fertilizer to give your trees the nutrients they need to survive the growing season and the winter.
  • Tree disease and insect prevention: Our preventative treatments will help keep harmful insects away and avoid disease.
  • Storm tree service: Our arborists can help remove or treat your trees that were damaged in a storm.

Insects and disease can do serious damage to your trees in a short amount of time which is why you should regularly check your trees for any signs of an issue.  If there is a problem with your trees in Wilmette, IL, call Hendricksen Tree Care immediately for tree treatment services.  Our arborists will identify the problem and effectively treat your trees to get them back to health.

You can contact Hendricksen Tree Care by calling (847) 348-8302.

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