Creating and maintaining a healthy lawn requires regular attention to make sure the grass is receiving the water and nutrients it needs. When these are supplied in the right amounts, your lawn will grow strong enough to repel weeds, resist diseases, and thrive—ultimately giving you a beautiful, lush landscape that is well worth the effort. Since this delicate balance can be easily upset by fluctuating weather patterns or nutrient levels in soil, it’s important to periodically monitor your lawn’s health and adjust accordingly. Whether you get help with this process or handle it yourself, giving your lawn adequate water and fertilization are essential steps for keeping your outdoor space looking great.

Hendriksen Tree Care provides reliable, professional lawn fertilizer and weed control services to beautify residential and commercial spaces throughout Wilmette, IL. Our goal is to help your lawn reach its desired thickness with the proper amount of fertilizer application during the appropriate times of the year. Additionally, our experienced team of experts can apply weed control products to make sure weeds are kept at bay, so the lawn looks its best. We utilize proven techniques and certified products for consistently great results that you can enjoy for years to come.

Lawn Fertilization

Watering greatly impacts the health of a lawn, serving as an essential element for growth. However, even with adequate hydration, lawns need the appropriate nutrients in order to thrive. Soils naturally distribute some nutrients into the system; however, this can be supplemented by fertilizer application. By introducing carefully blended combinations of additional nutrients at the correct points throughout the season, you can ensure that your lawn is receiving the optimal levels of nourishment it needs to stay green and healthy all year round.

At Henricksen Tree Care, we understand the importance of proper fertilizer application on lawns. Too much fertilizer can be a detriment to your lawn and cause unsightly issues such as wilting and burning, as well as reduce root growth and cause stunted overall growth. We won’t let this happen; with our experts on-site, we make sure that the best fertilizer blend is applied in exactly the right amount to help your lawn reach its fullest potential without risking any damage.

We know the vital role fertilizer plays in maintaining a healthy lawn. That is why we take the time to assess the type of grass you have and customize which fertilizer blend would be best for it. In addition, our team always applies the slow-release granular fertilizer so that your lawn will remain nourished over a longer period of time. We can tailor seasonal applications to meet your needs and even increase the frequency of applications if your lawn seems to need more care. With our professional help and expertise, you can trust us to keep your lawn looking lush and vibrant.

Weed Control

For lawns that have been invaded by weeds, our professionals apply post-emergent treatments as instructed to eliminate them. These treatments can be tailored to the customer’s needs depending on the type of grass, soil condition, and the types of weeds present in the lawn.  In addition to eliminating existing weeds, we can also apply pre-emergent treatments to help prevent future infestations. Once the treatments have been applied, follow up visits are important in order to ensure that they are effective. To help your lawn maintain a healthy root system and keep future weed invasions at bay, trust our professional team for all your weed treatment needs.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control from Hendricksen

With the right fertilization and weed control, your lawn can become a lush oasis free of weeds and disease. Working with us gives you tailored services specifically designed to meet the needs of your unique space — helping ensure it remains resiliently healthy all year round.

You can call our professionals at Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 348-8302 for our lawn fertilization and weed control services throughout Wilmette, IL.

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